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Pediatric Focused Outpatient Clinic
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Pediatric Focused Outpatient Clinic      /      4121 Pennsylvania Ave      /      Dubuque, IA 52002      /      Phone 563-583-4003      /      Fax 563-583-4737


Physical Therapy Groups and Programs Available at Unified Therapy Services:

Strength Groups
This group is a health and wellness program designed to motivate kids to live healthier lives.  It incorporates activities and includes education on fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  Kids/teens will learn proper techniques on how to exercise, take heart rates and blood pressure.  A pre and post health and fitness assessment will be conducted on the first and last days of camp.  Parent involvement on the first and last days of camp is required.

Orthotic/Prosthetic Management
Our therapists work in conjunction with Orthotists and Prosthestists to assess, fit, and educate patients with all of their bracing/splinting needs.  The vendor will attend the patient’s therapy appointment and work together with the therapist, patient, family, and physician to provide the best equipment, including custom and off the shelf styles for the patients.  This system not only allows for superb communication, but also eliminates another medical appointment a patient would have to schedule.

Orthopedic Therapy at Unified Therapy Health Services
Orthopedic therapy specializes in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and sports related injuries, as well as, post operative care.  The goal of physical therapy in orthopedic rehabilitation is to restore function of the involved joint and/or muscle. Unified Therapy Services’ staff works closely with the physicians and patients, so that patients can perform their daily activities in accordance with their individual goals. 

Gym Program at Unified Therapy Health Services
Invest in one of your greatest assets…yourself!  Unified Therapy Health Services, 1880 Radford Road offers a Gym Program to keep you motivated, accountable and moving forward on your road to success and a healthy lifestyle!  Our physical therapists will demonstrate safe and effective exercise routines that effectively tone and shape the body while developing an individualized program to fit your health status.  As your fitness levels change so will the training to maximize your workout potential while always being assisted in safe progression.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is a supplemental form of treatment to land based therapy with the goal to improve functional activities on land. Aquatic therapy can benefit patients with a wide range of diagnoses and can be an effective intervention for children with abnormal muscle tone, muscle weakness, poor postural control, decreased endurance/coordination/balance, and limited mobility/gait abnormalities. Aquatic therapy also encourages overall improvements in attention to task, problem solving skills, sensory integration skills and body awareness.