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Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Pediatric Focused Outpatient Clinic
4121 Pennsylvania Ave
Dubuque, IA 52002
Phone: 563-583-4003
Fax: 563-265-5789


Physicians Refferal


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Why Refer to Access Rehab Centers
Every Age... Every Diagnosis... Every Payer Source...
We Treat Every Age Group

From infants and toddlers to adults, seniors and geriatrics, we treat all age groups.

We Treat Every Diagnosis

Orthopedic, neurologic, and with many certified specialists, we treat every diagnosis.

We Accept Almost All Insurances, Including Medicare and Medicaid

We try to accept all insurances. Currently the only insurance for which we are not an in-network provider is Oxford, which has closed its provider panel.

...and additional reasons including:
Short Intake Times

We strive to schedule an appointment with your patient within the shortest time possible.

Prompt and Frequent Communications with Physicians

We promptly send necessary and updated communications to you.

1-to-1 Treatments to Greatest Extent Possible

To the greatest extent possible, we treat patients on a one-to-one basis.

Long History of Patient Satisfaction

Our historical patient satisfaction results always exceed 95% satisfaction.

Outcomes / Results

We track and provide statistical reports on patient outcomes on a quarterly basis.

Minimized Utilization

When comparing our outcomes against known benchmarks, we achieve the same results in fewer visits.

11 locations, Some with Extended and Saturday Hours

We have 11 locations in well-traveled areas, some open evenings and Saturdays.

Quick Intake and Thorough Communications for Work-Related Injury Patients.

We are experienced in the requirements of treating work-related injury patients.

Certified Specialists

In addition to general orthopedic and neurologic therapy, we have certified specialists practicing in a variety of specialty diagnoses.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

We offer your patients skilled, compassionate, encouraging care in a family-friendly atmosphere.Type your paragraph here.

Patient Referral Forms

Below are downloable Adult, Pediatric and Women's Health Patient Referral Forms. To download simply click the link below each illustration.Type your paragraph here.

Pediatric Focused Outpatient Clinic      /      4121 Pennsylvania Ave      /      Dubuque, IA 52002      /      Phone 563-583-4003      /      Fax 563-583-4737